Sunday, September 30 2018 / Published in Antiques, Halloween, Winter
I’m getting ready for my second favorite holiday of the year. I’ve been picking up sweet, vintage decorations for the house when I see them and I’m reading a book of ghost stories. WAIT! I must stop my madness and living a lie.  I need to bring my skeletons out of the closet. Come out
Tuesday, September 04 2018 / Published in Classics, Vintage
“Baby Shoes”… I have no memories of actually wearing them, but my mother has some old black and white photographs that proves I did.  I adore those wonderful old photos, the kind with white edges that appear to have been trimmed by a pair of pinking shears. I guess I was about a year old
Wednesday, August 22 2018 / Published in Uncategorized
“Linen” An ancient fabric made from flax, a tall, reed-like plant, with long fibers. The thread itself is spun from the cellulose fibers, that grow inside the stalk and is one of the first ever used to make cloth. The ancient Egyptians wore linen, over 5000 years ago. The fabric is both durable and wearable
Monday, May 21 2018 / Published in Seasonal, Spring
Today we step away from our regular “Blog” topics and pay homage to all of the great men and women, who have given their lives, so we may live ours freely! From all of us at a A Vintage Address, our humblest  “Thank You”!  Marylee Jacobs Several years ago, when my kids were in their
Thursday, May 03 2018 / Published in Classics, Seasonal, Spring, Uncategorized, Vintage
Spring is the time of renewal. I feel the same excitement as I did, when I was a young girl. I love the first spring rains! They seem to paint vibrant colors, into a previously drab and sometimes barren landscape.  I love the emergence of butterflies, that seem to appear from thin air. I love
Friday, March 23 2018 / Published in Lace, Vintage
Whether it be the delicate threads tied and twisted together, in graceful web-like masterpieces, surely to make any spider,want to step up their game; or intricate cut work skillfully stitched into dazzling threaded kaleidoscopes, lace can be used as beautiful embellishments, for pretty much everything. Lace adds a dash of romance, to anything it touches.