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    Little Things Mean A Lot

    I’m sure we all have heard those old sayings; “It’s the thought that counts”, or, “It’s the little things in life, that are the most important”. I guess we all say things like that, however, do we truly believe it? And, even more so, do we practice what we preach? When my girls were little,...
  • in Antiques, Classics, Vintage

    Live Only With What You Love!

    Do you wander around your house, from day to day, going about your business, without really seeing it? When is the last time you really admired something in your own home? The same thing applies to your closet. How many times do you grab the same thing to where, over and over again? While other...


Forever Twenty One Exclusive

VJCE Completely Breathtaking Vintage Clip On

SOFW Gold Sequin Dress

VJCE Unbelievable Vintage Clip On


Rebecca N.

I was a little hesitant at first as I had never purchased a pre-owned garment before. I have to say I was happily surprised when my items arrived and they looked brand new! I’ve ordered twice since then, and love the fact that I can expand my wardrobe with quality brands, and not feel guilty about the price! Love! Love! Love this shop!

Mallory W.

I ordered a Vintage 1970’s blouse, a vintage purse, and earrings! They’re great! I wore them to a 70’s party and won best dressed! I also found some nice “Eli Tahari” jackets for work that were in perfect condition. This shop is on my new favorites list!

Stephanie M.

Library Assistant
Just love this site! I ordered Vintage earrings and a necklace through Facebook before the site was up. The owner was super nice and the jewelry was just as beautiful as their pictures!

Pam C.

I recently purchased some gorgeous vintage jewelry from A Vintage Address. The jewelry was high quality, the personal touch service was wonderful and the prices were unbelievable. I have recommended them to my friends and I will definitely be shopping with them again. This is the place to shop for all of your vintage needs!!!