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We are living in an age of Technology. We have a vast pool of information at our fingertips. You can ‘ask Google’ pretty much anything. You can find word definitions and correct spelling, GPS directions, and mingle on the various social media platforms. The list of options is endless! Most of us also have personal
Sunday, February 09 2020 / Published in Uncategorized
Have you ever played the game Mystery Date? How exciting it was to be able to take your turn and open that door!  Every girl player was on the edge of her seat to see who was waiting for them behind the little white door! Was it the “Dreamboat”, or was it the “Dud”?  Looking
Sunday, November 11 2018 / Published in Uncategorized
On a recent glamping trip, I was sitting around the campfire enjoying time with my girlfriends and watching “the boys” play Corn Hole at twilight. I happily realize, “Yes, fall is finally here”. Not because a cool breeze is tickling my neck and making the flames do a little dance, but because every last one
Saturday, October 27 2018 / Published in Antiques, Classics, Fall
Here’s your sign!  Everywhere I look lately, I see the signs and I know their message well! No, not those kind of signs…, the kind that really get my blood pumping this time of year! “FALL FESTIVAL”, “AUTUMN ARTS & CRAFTS FAIR”, “PUMPKIN FESTIVAL”, “OKTOBERFEST”’, and the list goes on and on. Every sign is
Saturday, October 20 2018 / Published in Fall, Halloween, Seasonal
SPECTACULARLY SPOOKY TABLE SETTINGS It was a dark and rainy night…as I walked down the dimly lit pathway that led to a large and intimidating front door. It was a thick and heavy door, with hammered, black iron hinges holding it to the door frame. An enormous skull was fasted high enough that I had
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I saw a recipe the other day on how to make “Candy Corn Fudge”!  Like, I need another excuse to eat candy corn! I love seeing bags of candy corn on the candy aisles this time of year.  More so are the Halloween displays, which is doubly exciting!  Second only to Christmas, Halloween is the