39008 B1 MSSDH Men’s Short Sleeve Shirt By Columbia Sportswear Co. Size Large


Sporty, stylish and ruggedly handsome!

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Sporty, stylish and ruggedly handsome! Made by Colombia Sportswear Co., this men’s short sleeve button down shirt is done in a primitive tropical print that is set in color blocks of swirling cream and ivory. It is done in varying shades of forest, palm and olive greens, highlighted with cocoa and cinnamon. The pattern consists of several types and shapes of leaves, palm trees, square tribal symbols, arrows, windmills shapes, and even a few fish! The patter and colors are soft but still offer salute to summer days in the tropics. Whether you live there or like to frequent the tropics on vacation, this shirt will fit in with style!

Size Large

When measured flat across the chest is 24″, (remember to double that), and it is 28″ in length

55% cotton
45% viscose