200211 B2 FPHG Girl Feeding Geese-Lladro Style-Glazed Porcelain Figurine


A girl and her geese

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A girl and her geese.  This beautiful, fine porcelain figurine depicts a lovely young lady in the company of two geese, that look intensely interested in the delights she must certainly be carrying in her basket.  She is wonderfully detailed, and though she is done in a style similar to Lladro, in this case, we think, she is much prettier than similar Lladro pieces.  She is wearing a long prairie style dress, with an apron tied around her waist.  She is gracefully tall and slender, her pose relaxed, with one hand down as if to casually pet one of her geese companions.  Her dreamy expression suggests that though she is contentedly going about her daily chores, her mind wanders happily into daydream land.  We can only imagine the delightful place that her thoughts have taken her!

11″ tall

5.75″ wide

4.75″ deep