200156 B1 DCJHG Designer Ceramic Floral Cookie Jar By Raymond Waites


Spice up your kitchen with this gorgeous designer cookie jar!

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Spice up your kitchen with this gorgeous designer cookie jar! Made by designer Raymond Waites, this beautiful cookie jar has an inviting and warm, mottled creamy coffee colored background with a floral design, obviously created with the hands of a true artist. There are three roses in a deep dusty rose that fades to nearly white highlights on the petals edges. One rose is a muted cinnamon that fades to a pale cream. There are bunches of Forget Me Nots, done in a translucent watercolor technique in sheer frosty amethyst color. There is one goldenrod colored flower with a dark chocolate center that somewhat resembles a sunflower, or possibly a Carolina Jessamine. The top of the jar itself has a washed sage green band with alternating herringbone type pattern, an accented by a row of white dots. The lower portion has a thinner sage colored band accented by white dots, and the bottom edge has a sage green trim as well. The lid has a fluted texture, that spins outward from the center knob, which itself has two rings of sage green, accented with white dots and a sage green center dot accent at the very top. Simply beautiful from every angle.

It is 12.5″ tall and both the base and the opening are 5.5″ wide