62016 B2 VJE Vintage Hoop Earrings With Chain Mail And Glass Bugle Beads


Retro, Mod, Disco, Flapper, Elegant, Goth…no limits!

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Retro, Mod, Disco, Flapper, Elegant, Goth…no limits!  Gorgeous gold tone, pierced hoop earrings, accented with sparkling deep gold, and black glass bugle beads that are affixed to and, and dangling from a length of delicate chain mail bonded to the underside of the hoops.  These earrings are conservatively dated as being from the late 1960’s/early 1970’s, though this particular style could have accompanied the stunning beaded fringe dresses famously worn by ‘Flappers’ in the Roaring Twenties!  With their timeless style and beautiful workmanship, these earrings might have adorned the ears of elegant ladies through several eras and decades.  No matter what your personal style, these vintage earrings are sure to add some flair, elegance or even daring!  The choice of how to use them within your wardrobe is up to you!

3″ round